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listen up! we are a growing network of podcasts under the cr3w umbrella. We've got views and perspectives from every corner of the country! give us a listen. all podcast are on itunes and soundcloud. subscribe, share, rate and send along any feedback you may have. got an idea? want to be a guest on a show? send inquiries to


Cr3wSh!t Podcast

Dre, Bryson, Isa and Josh have a weekly sit down to give the Cr3w perspective on relationships, current events and random stuff with some amazing guests!

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Struggle in the city podcast

Three different 20-something year old millennials talk about the real struggles of what it's like trying to make it in the Big Apple, while trying to stay up-to-date with the latest in pop culture. Sometimes they tend to get way off topic, too.

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917 podcast

The world from a New York City point of view, from 2 guys over 6' 2.


sorry not sorry podcast

A mix between green tea & Hennessy, guided meditation & trap music. They're hilarious & their topics give a southern vibe to the NYC city life.